Scott and Kristi's New Old House

Groundbreaking again!

Greetings from Scott’s Mom
…otherwise known as Sharon Seidel

Thanks, Scott, for giving me space on your web page, and posting my articles!

I love words! From the time I learned phonics, and learned to read, I have loved words. I love to read and I love to write. Several years ago, I created a Christian magazine called “Listen to the
HEARTBEAT of the Spirit” (through the church we were attending at that time). After 9 years, God’s been speaking to me that it is time to write again. Thank you, God! Word Power seems like a good choice for me, since I am passionate about God’s Word and how important words are in our lives.

I’ve discovered that there is power in words, and that words can change lives. Let me give you a couple examples of this.

My mother told me over and over again that she had me for God. (I was a surprise!) I always believed in God, although He seemed far away. My concept of serving God was either to be a nun (I wasn’t a Catholic), or to be a missionary to Africa (That wasn’t going to happen!). Fortunately, God brought me not just to salvation, but to ever deepening fellowship with Him. And He did call me to ministry in the United States. (Another story for another time.) I know my mother’s words set the course for my life.

When Scott was little, maybe 2 or 3, a missionary from Africa came to our church. At the end of his presentation, he asked the adults who would be willing to go to Africa, if God called us. I didn’t raise my hand! Then he asked the parents, “If God called your children to go to Africa, would you be willing to let them go?” I’m not sure what I was thinking or daydreaming about, but I raised my hand! (You can’t tell me my emotions weren’t moved by words!) I don’t remember if we said a prayer of dedication, or not, but my raised hand signified a “Yes, I’m willing”, spoken or not. I’m firmly convinced my word opened the door for Scott to go to Africa. Now, not only my son, but my grandsons are going to Africa! Words just keep on working……..